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flippa free listing ending

The era of free flippa listing ending on 30 oct 2015. After that Flippa will enact a limit of one free relist per Domain auction and seller has to pay 50%  listing fee every time he relists the unsold domain. Well, this decision by flippa has both good and bad impression on flippa market but as far my point of view. I’m seeing the good impressions most. many domainers think it’s not good because that’s the only major benefit they have when they didn’t get the right amount of bids so they can relist the domain free of cost but on another side most domainers think it’s right decision and they were waiting for this since a long time because bidders/buyers are curious about ending soon domain names and that’s the right time when domain listing gets good bids and right amount of bids.

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I wanted to share my experience with snapnames.I start using snapnames back in 2014.Actually I’m very thankful to them because I started domain business from snapnames when I won 5 4 Letter .com domains in an auction but after that I stopped using snapnames because I found another site like GoDaddy and eBay to buy cheap domains which gave me high ROI later.Well, that’s another topic which I will definitely share with you in another post.Now come to the actual point. Few days I ago I won 4 4L domains on snapnames and due to the problem with credit card company my payment declined.